Why You Should Start an Online Games Blog

If you are a gamer who is passionate about online games and writing about them, why not start your own blog and become a fanatic? There are plenty of websites out there that will help you start a blog and get your blog off the ground. Check out some of these examples. PC Invasion, Fanatical Blog, Rock Paper Shotgun, and Game Critics are a few examples. There is even a new game every week so why not join in?

Game Critics

If you’ve ever enjoyed reading game reviews, you know that you have a passion for games. But the field of game criticism isn’t just for gamers. The field also includes academics and intellectuals who connect games with the humanities and the sciences. But while the number of academic articles devoted to games is shrinking, trade websites like Gamasutra keep the flame of game criticism alive.

To become a game critic, you need to spend time playing games. You’ll have to sit through frustrating games, and finish games you hate. However, your articles will not be reviews, but are informed opinions on what you think should or shouldn’t be purchased. In addition, you can specialize in a particular genre or publisher, or even a specific console. If you’re just starting out, you should consider whether the niche is right for you.

PC Invasion

PC Invasion is a popular gaming site that focuses on PC gaming news and reviews. It features content from 17 content creators who publish regular news, reviews and media about video games. The site features both mainstream and indie gaming news and includes articles about game design and industry trends. PC Invasion also hosts a large PC gaming community. If you want to write about PC gaming and share your thoughts with the gaming community, PCInvasion is a great place to start.

Whether you are writing about new releases, or gaming news from around the world, it is important to have a niche or focus in your blog. It is easy to get lost in the crowded gaming world, but you can differentiate yourself from the rest by targeting a certain age group or console. You can also choose a specific type of content you want to cover, such as video game reviews, walkthroughs, or game development news. Whatever you choose, remember to keep it unique and catchy!

Fanatical Blog

If you love online video games, you may want to know how you can make money with Fanatical Online Games Blog. This is an online gaming website that provides deals on video games. You can purchase video games, bundles, and individual keys at discounted prices. The site has a 4.7 Trust Pilot review and more than 60k reviews, all of which are positive. The chances of being betboo scammed are minimal, and most cases of scamming occur because the customers were careless.

The site has been around for a while, but the owner recently bought it from another site to continue covering iGaming news. While it was initially known as Fanatical, it was later purchased by Enthusiast Gaming. Today, the site provides gaming news and reviews, as well as a podcast and writing opportunities. In addition to reviews, Fanatical Online Games Blog also offers a variety of free articles on iGaming.

Rock Paper Shotgun

The first step in starting an online games blog is to establish a web address. The web address should be the same as your website, and include the name and location of your blog. It should also include an about page containing information about your site and what it will offer. You can also include a picture of yourself and your contact information, including email address, social media profiles, and a phone number. Your blog should have a consistent stream of visitors.

A video game blog can be profitable, as the audience for this type of blog is large. If you are a fan of video games, you can create a gaming blog about the games you play, and monetize through affiliate programs and retro gaming collectables. However, it is important to remember that if you want to succeed in your online games blog, you should stick to a specific topic and be consistent. A longer post will be ranked higher in Google, so you should make your content as long as possible.